Security screens on fire doors

Firstly and importantly – Fire and Rescue New South Wales advise against the fitting of security screens to fire doors, although it really is a BCA compliance issue.

There are several issues with security screens…

Soft Touch Door Closers

Fire doors must be able to self-close and self-latch after every opening, which is why it is mandatory for fire doors to have closers. Are you finding that your closer is making your fire door feel so heavy that you can barely open it? There is a solution!

A resident’s guide to fire doors

Your unit entry doorset is an “essential fire safety measure”. The doorset consists of the fire door leaf, door hardware, the door frame and the fixing to the surrounding fire wall. Under the legislation, your doorset is required to be inspected once a year to verify it meets the performance requirements of AS1905.1 – 2005 and the manufacturers approved specifications. So what is actually being checked?

Asbestos Doors

Civil Fire is a Class A asbestos removal license holder (#AD212197) and can remove and dispose of asbestos safety and legally.