Civil Fire’s Staged Response

In response to the ongoing concerns in relation to COVID-19, Civil Fire has developed a three-stage response in order to:

  1. Minimise health & safety risk to our workers, customers and the community and

  2. Ensure business continuity & job security.

Click on each heading to read what each stage means for our customers & our business.

We are here from 22/7/21 - 30/7/21

Enacted  30/3/20 - 29/5/20

Stage 2 triggers


We will move to Stage 2 under the following circumstances:

  1. Civil Fire has a significantly reduced workforce due to:

    • Sickness (COVID-19 or otherwise).

    • Workers voluntarily self-isolating or in quarantine.

    • Workers looking after school-aged children (should schools be cancelled).

  2. Civil Fire’s customers, the fire protection industry, or society in general expects businesses like ours to take greater social-distancing measures.

  3. Further restrictions are dictated by Government on medical advice.

Stage 3 triggers

We will move into Stage 3 of our response on Government direction.