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For the purpose of the AFSS, only people who are accredited by the Fire Protection Association as a Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) can assess and endorse fire safety measures on an AFSS.

These individuals possess the relevant knowledge & experience to decide if a fire safety measure is capable of performing to the standard to which it was originally installed.

Civil Fire currently have 5 individuals recognized as Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety).These experts possess the relevant up-to-date knowledge and experience required to determine the effectiveness of fire safety measures listed on fire safety schedules.

Civil Fire is accredited to endorse ALL fire safety measures.

Stevan Glanville

After 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy serving as a Marine Technician, Steve worked for Wormald Fire Protection before joining Civil Fire in 2004. During his 16 years at Civil Fire, Steve has continued to develop his skills and competence in all aspects of fire protection.


John Ivison​

During his 33 years with Fire and Rescue NSW, John attended many building fires and saw first hand the crucial role played by well-functioning fire protection systems in saving lives. Before joining Civil Fire, he worked in a design role for both Wormald and Commercial Fire Protection. His area of expertise is sprinkler and hydraulic systems.


Drew Ivison

While still studying, Drew worked for Civil Fire as a junior service technician. This was followed by two years working as a firefighter with the NT Fire and Rescue Service, gaining experience with structure fires and learning the importance of building safety. Late in 2013, Drew returned to Civil Fire where he now manages the Service Department.


Daniel Bryant

Daniel joined Civil Fire in 2012 as a junior service technician whilst undertaking a Bachelor of Information Technology. He gained a keen interest in the fire industry during his time in the field, and ultimately decided to pursue a career in fire protection. Over the last 10 years, Daniel has continued to build his knowledge and competency. He currently manages the dry fire repair team (electrical, detection, portable fire equipment & fire doors). He is currently undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Building Surveying and plans to continue his education once completed by obtaining the Graduate Diploma.


Peter Hellmrich

Peter left the Navy (Leading Seaman) in 2003, and joined Civil Fire as a service technician. Having been involved in engineering in the navy, Peter developed an interest in the mechanical side of the fire protection industry.   Peter has developed his skills and competence in the fire protection industry and now manages Civil Fire’s mechanical section comprising pumpset, sprinkler, hydrant and fire hose reel inspection and repairs.


We're accredited to endorse all the fire safety measures:

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