Security screens on fire doors

Firstly and importantly – Fire and Rescue New South Wales advise against the fitting of security screens to fire doors, although it really is a BCA compliance issue.

There are several issues with security screens…

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Fire Rated Ceilings: A resident’s guide

Can I install downlights, ducted air conditioning, ceiling exhaust fans or manholes in my unit ceiling?
Well yes… but you need to be very careful if your ceiling designed to have a “resistance to the incipient spread of fire to the roof space for a period of not less than 60 minutes”.
Fire rated ceilings are an fire safety measure, designed to slow the spread of fire from one part of the building to another.

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Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire measures are designed to stop (or slow) the spread of fire from one part of the building to another. Most buildings have Passive Fire protection measures – even if they are not specifically listed on the AFSS.

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Emergency Lights

In an emergency situation emergency lights should run on their backup battery for at least 90-minutes. Australian Standards require that exit & emergency lights be tested every 6 months. Exit and emergency lights have a shorter lifespan when compared to non-emergency lights.

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Smoke Alarms for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired

Conventional AS3786 smoke alarms are designed to produce 85dB at a distance of 3 meters when in alarm. Whilst this is adequate to wake most people from sleep, it may not be enough to wake those who have moderate or severe hearing loss.

Smoke alarms save lives, but those who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot depend on the sound of the regular alarm to alert them to a fire.

The solution is to install a specially designed smoke alarm system comprised of:

  1. A smoke detector – which produces a high frequency alarm sound,
  2. A strobe  – which produces high-intensity light, designed to wake a sleeping person, and 
  3. A vibrating pad  – which is placed under the pillow in order to shake the person awake.

In the event of a fire all 3 components will simultaneously activate, which should be sufficient to rouse a hearing impaired person from even a deep sleep.

The strobe plugs into a power point. It can be put on the bedside table, or it can be mounted to the wall near the bed.

This system retails for around $600 + GST.

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