Precautionary & Business Continuity Measures


Opt-in for SOU inspections

During this stage, only inspection of common areas will take place.

Civil Fire workers will not enter SOUs for inspections or repairs unless the residents opts-in either by phone, or by completing the form on our website (no longer available).


An external, visual inspection of the door will be conducted by a Civil Fire worker, but any measures located inside a SOU will not be inspected.

A notice will be distributed to all residents showing them how to complete a self-test of their smoke alarms & fire doors. Residents will be asked to notify us if their smoke alarms failed this self-test.

Many people living in Class 2 buildings are older Australians. To this vulnerable group of people the risk of a fire taking their life is significantly less than COVID-19 taking their life.

Civil Fire’s ultimate role is to improve safety and therefore, in this unique & unprecedented time, we are will be prepared to endorse some measures on the AFSS without inspection.

Divert workers from repairs to inspections

All non-critical repairs will be put on hold.

Civil Fire workers who normally complete repairs will be called on to complete inspection of common area equipment only.

This business-continuity measure will allow us to keep up with our AFSS assessment deadlines, and thereby fulfil our Service Agreement obligations.

Prioritise inspections of larger buildings.

Should our workforce be significantly reduced, the inspection of smaller buildings will be postponed so that we can keep up with inspections in bigger buildings.

The rationale behind this measure is that it is easier to catch-up on the inspection of smaller buildings once our workforce is restored.

Furthermore, we believe there is more liability associated with the life-saving fire measures in larger buildings.

Liaise with Strata regarding work in healthcare buildings or healthcare parts of buildings

A small-number of Civil Fire buildings, are wholly, or partly healthcare buildings (GP office, hospitals and the like).

Civil Fire will liaise with the building management for these properties. It is likely that health care facilities will have access procedures in place and all non-essential works will be postponed until government advice is received that the present crisis has passed.

Office staff will work from home

During stage 2, all office staff will work from home.