During this stage:

  • Inspection & repair of common area fire safety measures will continue (with precautionary measures listed below).

  • Civil Fire will only enter units if there is urgent & critical repairs to be completed (eg, a faulty smoke alarm).

  • Inspection of fire safety measures inside units will be postponed until the Health Orders are relaxed*.

Our staff will take additional precautions as follows:

  • Face masks must be worn onsite at all times.

  • Staff are COVID tested at least every 7 days - even with no hotspot exposures, or symptoms present.

  • Staff are to practice good hand hygiene and use sanitiser regularly.

  • No staff are permitted to come to work if they are sick, they must get tested and self-isolate.

  • Staff will ask screening questions before entering a unit (Are you in quarantine? Do you have any cold & flu like symptoms). If the answer is yes to either question, we will not enter the unit.

  • In addition to the above, our techs will ask the resident to socially distance where possible when they are inside the unit. Time spent inside units will also be minimised where possible.

* Civil Fire has a limited capacity to postpone unit inspections. Should the lockdown be extended, our capacity to postpone may become limited. This will be addressed, if the situation arises.

Office staff will work from home

During stage 2, all office staff will work from home.